We've all got our Holiday traditions, some of us hang stockings, some of us have weirder ones where only eat Chicken in a Biskit Black Friday through New Years Eve. Miller has created a new holiday tradition for all of us.

Last year Miller High Life, AKA "The Champagne of Beers," was sold in a champagne bottle for the holiday season. The 750-milliliter bottles are back again this year for round two, and they're much more affordable than the nasty tasting real champagnes out there, at only $3.50 a glass.

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If you're visiting New York City this December and don't have beer money in the budget, don't worry, Miller will be dropping off a special vending machine with 150 free bottles at multiple undisclosed locations.

If you weren't able to grab a bottle last year, you've got a better shot this season, because Miller said they've upped production of the bottles to ensure everyone who wants one will be able to get it.

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