Do you have a closet full of stuff you never use, but you just can't bring yourself to sell it or give it away? Maybe you've got a garage full.


Well, if you want to make it easier to part with all that useless junk and de-clutter your life, a recent study found taking pictures of everything might help.

Researchers found the real reason we hang onto stuff like ratty old t-shirts and teddy bears is because we don't want to give up the memories associated with them. In other words, they have sentimental value.

If you take a picture of something, it doesn't feel like you're giving up those memories for good. So if you try it before you make a trip to Goodwill, you'll probably donate more stuff.

Researchers at Penn State ran two ad campaigns where they asked students to donate stuff at the end of the year instead of taking it home.

With one group of students, they used the line, "Don't pack up your sentimental clutter, just take a photo of it, then donate."

With the second group, they just asked them to donate, and didn't mention taking photos. And the group that did take pictures ended up donating about 14% more stuff.

Read more at Daily Mail.

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