Texas Tech and Virginia play for the NCAA championship tonight. But don't worry, because the brackets don't end there.

The website NameOfTheYear.com just released its annual March Madness-style bracket featuring the strangest names that have been in the news this past year.

Most of them are real names, and a few are people who've changed their name. The winner is usually announced around May 1st. Here are some of our favorites from this year's pool:

  • Kermit Sprinkles
  • Ionosphere Torres
  • Pretzel Monteclaro
  • Manchester United MacGyver
  • Tushna Commissariat
  • Eriberto Pop Can
  • Shaky Sherpa
  • Dr. Trentington Outhouse
  • Syncere Friends
  • Surrender Nada
  • Jizyah Shorts
  • Apollokreed Gardner
  • Dr. Trent Artichoker
  • Storm Duck
  • Alpha Omega Nickelberry the Third
  • Pope Thrower
  • Cory Phast Lane
  • Candy Button Disco
  • Ecclesiastical Denzel Washington

Read more at Deadspin.

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