As some couples postpone their weddings, many are still going through with the nuptials in their backyard, with a few close friends and family in person, but with their crowd online. It almost works out for the better for the couple, because they don't have to exclude anyone because a livestream is public. If you've been invited to join a Zoom wedding, here's what the experts say you should or shouldn't do, since there wasn't an etiquette course on video conferencing.

  1. Not Muting Yourself- If the host forgets to mute everyone, mute yourself so you crunching your chips or that widow-making fart you let loose won't interrupt the service.
  2. Not Dressing Up- Don't go all out and spend 2 hours getting your appearance. Just don't answer looking like you haven't showered in a week with messy hair in a pizza stained undershirt.
  3. Multitasking- Don't do your laundry or mow the lawn during the ceremony. If you were there, you'd have undivided attention, so this should be the same.
  4. Arriving Late- Get to the waiting room early so you're not sitting there giving them alerts to let you into the meeting in the middle of their vows.
  5. Invite People Without Asking- Don't share the link to friends who weren't invited. Chances are if the couple wanted them there, they would be there already.
  6. Sharing on Social Media Without Asking- Don't post pictures without asking. Don't record the service without asking, and certainly don't share it to social media. That's their time, their wedding, and their choice.

It's not all about you. Don't ruin their day anymore than it already was.

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