As America was preparing to celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks, grill outs and friends, Facebook and Instagram went down.  So we didn't know how to communicate with our friends.

Luckily, Twitter was there to save the social media day!

Here are the 10 best tweets from a somewhat social medialess day.

10 - While I feel bad for the house on fire this seems like the perfect visual for today.


9 - A solid GOT reference will always make the list.


8 - Facebook needed to use Twitter to tell people they were down.  Priceless.


7 - I've seen this picture before, but in this context it makes me lol even harder.


6 - Good thing Elsa has Twitter.


5 - Please don't get this mad that Facebook and Instagram are down.  But if you do, be sure to record it so we can use it as a gif later.


4 - Didn't he say "we never go down"?


3 - Save this pic for when Twitter goes down and use it on Facebook or Instagram.


2 - Words still come on paper?


1 - Yes people.  There is an outside world.




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