While scrolling through Twitter this account was stumbled upon...



Do you like to eat bagel seeds covered in cereal sauce for breakfast? Perhaps you wish to quench your thirst with a nice cold glass of snowman blood?

You might be confused about what those questions are referring to, but after you take a look through these photos you will surely be laughing.

Scroll down to see the hilarious names that we have found. The funny (and a little inappropriate) descriptional and clever puns about everyday things come courtesy of @TheCorrectNames Twitter account. Attributing hilarious names to everything from fruit and animals.

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This Twitter Account Is Renaming Everyday Objects And They’re Hilarious

We found this hilarious Twitter account called @TheCorrectNames. The account took photos of objects and animals and gave them the "correct name." We couldn't help but laugh when reading through these.

We wanted to share these funny new names with you, so here are 50 things that have been given the "correct names."

(WARNING) Some may be inappropriate.

Hope you enjoyed that.

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