Guys dread Valentine's Day, because they don't know what to buy, or how to plan a date, or how to pick out flowers.  But they know they have to do something, so it's a lot of stress. Here's how much lower the bar is for women...

According to a new poll, the #1 gift guys want to get for Valentine's Day this year is... NOTHING. Over 500 men were asked what they want, and 41% said they don't want anything for Valentine's Day. It's possible a lot of those guys just aren't in relationships though.

The survey only asked if they were married or not, and about a third of the guys weren't.  So some of them are probably just single and don’t expect to get anything.  25% of women also said they don't want anything this year.

The top five gifts women DO want to get are a card, candy, flowers, jewelry, and a massage.

The top five gifts men want are candy, a card, BOOZE, breakfast in bed, and a book.

43% of men plan to spend at least $50 on Valentine's Day this year, compared to just 27% of women who plan to spend that much.

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