The man who took the video, Chase McCrea, said that the drivers of the two vehicles had been fighting along the highway for miles.


Bad Road Rage

A serious case of road rage erupted on Interstate 35E in Carrollton, Texas, resulting in one driver forcefully ramming the other's vehicle into a concrete barrier. This came after a prolonged argument between the two that spanned several miles along the highway.

An eyewitness to the scene, Chase McCrea, managed to capture a video of the unfolding event. In his narration to WFAA, he recounted that the disagreement began with both drivers yelling and gesticulating offensively at each other. It then escalated to throwing drink cans while on the road, at which point he decided to record the disturbing exchange. They were throwing Big Gulps and Arizona cans at each other, McCrea shared.

The Video

The video documented a terrifying conclusion to the conflict when an SUV attempted to overtake a sedan. The sedan then maneuvered itself in front of the SUV, prompting the SUV's driver to respond by colliding with the sedan. The sedan, in turn, shoved the SUV against a concrete barrier along the right side of the highway, lifting the larger vehicle up onto the barricade before the video ended.

Despite the incident, no report was filed to the Carrollton police and it is unclear if either party was injured as a result. The law enforcement agency did not provide any additional details about the situation.


Warning For Road-Raged Drivers

Road rage incidents are becoming increasingly common. Ahead of the holiday season, AAA Texas issued a warning urging drivers to exercise restraint and patience. It noted that approximately 32% of drivers engage in rude behavior on the roads, including making gestures at other road users, and about 25% accelerate to prevent others from overtaking them. This kind of conduct, according to AAA Texas, greatly heightens the potential for road rage incidents and other related dangers. Drivers were advised to refrain from such practices to enhance their safety and that of other motorists.

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