If you're down and out and praying for something to help you, and the help seemingly falls right into your lap, do you care where it came from, or do you take the gift you just received? According to a story from WREG out of Memphis, maybe you should consider where the gift came from.

On February 9th, a man got into an argument with a store clerk because she wouldn't sell him beer. As the man argued, he got mad and grabbed an entire display rack of chips and put them into his car.

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While walking out of the store with the display, several bags of chips fell to the ground. The man shoved the rack of chips into his car and drove off.

After the suspect drove off, another man, named Joseph Braswell, picked up two of the fallen bags of chips, which were valued at $4.98 a piece, according to the police report.

Police arrived to the store after the call of the original man making a scene and stealing the bag of chips, but when they arrived, Joseph Braswell was outside of the store with crumbs in his beard and on his face that were obviously from the chips.

When the police officers responding to the scene checked the surveillance camera footage from the store, they determined that Braswell very clearly knew that the chips were stolen from the store.

Shelby County Jail
Shelby County Jail

Braswell was charged with theft of merchandise less than $1,000 and he was set to appear in court Tuesday morning.

No word on if they've caught the guy who removed the chips from the store.

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