Yasmeen, a teen, and her 17 year old friend were spending time at Yasmeen's house while her parents were at a movie, when they got locked out of the house. After exhausting every other option to reenter, the friend went for the idea we've all thought of; the chimney.

Yasmeen said the friend climbed into the chimney, and got to the bottom, where it was blocked off. The inside of the chimney was too narrow for her to climb back out, so she began to panic.

The local fire department set up a tripod after showing up about thirty five minutes later. After accessing the situation, they set up a tripod over the chimney to help with hoisting her out. Forty minutes after arriving, they got her out. Fox 10 Phoenix was on the scene, live streaming the whole event, because you can't do anything stupid without being on the internet.

Yasmeen said her parents found out about what had happened, and rushed home. They were less than happy with the situation unfolding on their roof.

The friend was rescued, covered in soot, but okay and smiling. She refused transportation to the hospital.

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