On Tuesday, the Bonneville County Sheriff's Aquatic Rescue Team successfully recovered a missing GMC Envoy that had been submerged in the Snake River for several months.

East Idaho News

Discovering The SUV

The SUV was discovered by a crayfish hunter who stumbled upon a license plate in the vicinity of the Veterans War Memorial on Memorial Drive a week prior.

Idaho Falls Police Lieutenant Robert Lasher noted that the crayfish hunter informed them of the finding, prompting a dive team to locate the vehicle's whereabouts.

East Idaho News

The Missing SUV

It was reported that a year ago, an intoxicated man had driven the SUV into the river. Fortunately, he was able to escape and return home on foot. However, the next day, he and his wife discovered that their vehicle had vanished. The mystery of the SUV's location remained until the recent discovery.

Getting The Car Out Of The River

The diver who discovered the submerged vehicle was identified as Ben Nye. Nye attached a float to the vehicle so the authorities could determine its GPS location to aid their investigation. The team moved the SUV downstream using large airbags, before towing it out of the water at John's Hole boat dock.

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