A guy named Jesse James Moore is living up to what assumedly would be his nickname after a wild crime spree in Idaho Falls.

Police were on the hunt for a guy who allegedly had stolen some poor kid's bike and rode away on it. He had offered to buy it from him, but when the kid said no, he took it on the five-finger discount.

Three hours later, police received another call about a stolen motorcycle that was taken outside of a grocery store. They knew they were looking for the same guy, because where the motorcycle was supposed to be, was the kid's stolen bike.

Bonneville County Jail
Bonneville County Jail

What Jesse James didn't take into account, was that he didn't know how to drive a motorcycle. Cops saw him ditch the motorcycle at the end of the grocery store property and walk into a Subway.

Jesse locked himself in the women's bathroom of the store when he saw that the cops were on their way over.

The owner of the restaurant kicked in the door, and found him lying on the ground. He had tried to climb into the ceiling to make an escape, but it worked about as well as you'd expect crawling on a drop ceiling would.


Police arrested him, and upon their search, found he had a wad of Subway ham on him. One of the employees said the guy came into the store earlier that day and filled out an application to work there. Once he turned it in, he walked behind the counter as if he had started working.

Jesse James Moore is facing two counts of petty theft for the bicycle and the hunk of ham. He's also looking at grand theft auto charges for the motorcycle he only made it a few hundred feet with, and property damage for breaking the ceiling in the Subway.

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