Let's hope there are plenty of port-a-potties on the Bix 7 route so we don't have to deal with this.

With the RAGBRAI route being so lengthy it's no wonder that at some point some of the 30,000+ riders might have to use the restroom at an inconvenient time.

Well, that happened early in the route. Adair, IA resident, John Eidmann, says that on Monday, a rider did just that and dropped a deuce in his driveway, and he caught it all on his surveillance camera.

"She felt like she owned my property she walked right up without any hesitation looked both ways, stretched her back leaned up against the back of my trailer and did her thing," Eidmann told WHO-TV in Des Moines.

It was then that the riders left Adair and as they headed towards the next town another resident found a person defecating in a cluster of trees on her property and at one point noted about 20 people doing so.

Stay classy, riders.

Read more at WHO-TV.

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