A new study's results just further pushes towards proving marijuana can tend to have a better sex life than those who don't. There have been studies in the past that have shown pot can relax and more connected to their partners, as well as improving climax.

A new study published in Sexual Medicine put data together from 400 women who regularly consume marijuana in one way or another and found that frequent use of cannabis is linked to higher arousal, better orgasm, and higher overall sexual satisfaction.

“Our results demonstrate that increasing frequency of cannabis use is associated with improved sexual function and is associated with increased satisfaction, orgasm, and sexual desire,” said the people behind the study.

Researchers contacted women who'd responded to invitations from dispensaries and asked them to assess their sex for 4 weeks. The survey, a "Female Sexual Function Index". Higher scoring means higher sexual function, where of course low scores mean lower sexual function.

After comparing FSFI to cannabis use, they found that sexual function in women is directly correlated with higher sexual function.

A subset of these women also reported less pain during sex, something that echoed in other studies conducted on cannabis use and sexuality.

There have, however, been some negative links between sex and male arousal when it comes to cannabis.

So, let her blaze up, but you stay off that stuff there, bud.

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