Tampa Bay and Las Vegas have both had multiple confirmed cases of Coronavirus, and it's hurting the businesses in both areas.

Little Darlings, one of the more perused Vegas strip clubs, just announced a new promotion: 50,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, one for each customer as long as their supply lasts.

Across the country in Tampa, FL, Déja Vu Showgirls is doing a similar promotion, giving away face masks to the first 10,000 customers that come through their doors.

Deja Vu / Little Darlings
Deja Vu / Little Darlings

As people across the country start panicking, buying supplies like masks, hand sanitizer, soap, toilet paper, it's a genius marketing strategy to have them available.

Don't go to Costco, get your face mask, and have some fun while you do.

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