A man was arrested after stripping naked at Disneyland Sunday afternoon and ran through the It's a Small World ride completely naked.

Right around 1:30pm, officers “responded to Disneyland to assist Disney security with a guest who removed his clothes and was naked in or near the ‘It’s a Small World’ attraction," Anaheim Police Department spokesperson Jonathan McClintock told PEOPLE in a statement.

“Upon officers’ arrival, they arrested a 26-year-old man for indecent exposure and for being under the influence of a controlled substance,” McClintock continued. They took the man to a local hospital for evaluation.

A Disneyland Resort representative the man got off the attraction while it was in motion, which forced operators to stop the ride as a safety precaution.

Footage began popping up all over social media, showing the man throughout the ride with less and less clothes on.

Someone did the kind job of putting together all footage in chronological order

Eventually, police apprehended the man, and he was seen being carried through the park draped in a blanket to protect the eyes of families with children - the intended customer of the park (not a naked guy on drugs).

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