Steve Harvey relived his 2015 nightmare last night when he announced the wrong winner at the 2019 Miss Universe pageant.

He announced the winner of the "Costume" category as the contestant from the Philippines. The contestant immediately corrected him saying "It's not Philippines, it's Malaysia."

"Let me explain something to you," Harvey responded, "I just read that in the teleprompter. Y'all gonna quit doing this to me. I can read they're trying to fix it now. This is what they did in 2015, played me short like that. This is Malaysia. I really love this costume of Malaysia."

Hopefully the aftermath of this fumble doesn't turn out to be like the 2015 debacle. Steve Harvey went on Dr. Phil's Podcast, "Phil in the Blanks," to explain what happened when there was a miscommunication behind the scenes between the teleprompter and the woman who wrote up the envelope he announced the winner from. He also said that the aftermath resulted in death threats, bricks being thrown through the windows of his home, and even had to have armed guards placed at his home 24/7.

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