An 11'x6' statue of Prince's iconic Love Symbol was erected in front of the compound turned-museum in Minnesota.


The Love Symbol is what Prince changed his name to in 1993. The symbol combined the male and female symbols together, and the logo quickly became synonymous with the artist. This symbol was used to get back at Warner Bros. after a legal battle over the rights to his music, and even his name. There's a fee to get into Paisley Park, but getting to the area where the sign is can be done for free.  

The sign reads, 

"For love is the color 

This place imparts 

Admission is easy, just say you

Believe and come to this 

Place in your heart

Paisley Park is in your heart"

Born in Minneapolis to humble beginnings, Prince Rogers Nelson embodied the journey from child prodigy to international superstar. Prince's musical prowess, iconic style, and zest for life secured his legacy as a cultural icon. With a career spanning over four decades, Prince's unparalleled talents, innovation, leadership, and defiance changed the business of entertainment in ways that will be observed for years to come. Paisley Park is more than a place - it's a love story that chronicles Prince's musical journey, his style evolution, diligence, free-spirited creativity, and culture, that now serves as the cornerstone of his legacy. 


Welcome 2 Paisley Park.


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