I made a post earlier today.  I was confident!  I had just gotten the kids up & ready for the day.  They had their 1st assignment for their e-learning and were working hard!  I got out to enjoy the sun & get some exercise to burn off some stress & kill some demons (that sentence took a dark turn) and was feeling great!

Then life happened and I couldn't get my 4th goal done.  Now...it's only 6:50 as I write this...so, I could easily finish a task that I...hey wait!  This blog is a task, right?

BOOOM BABY!  This guy just WON THE DAY!!  And since it's after 5...Gimme That Beer!

Time for the Win the Day Challenge. Mark off all five things and get yourself a W for the day.

Number one get up before 8 AM.
Number two go outside.
Number three say something positive on social media.
Number four finish a project.
Number five no drinking before 5 PM.

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