Jake "The Snake" Roberts has a checkered past.   An 8 Ball of Cocaine & chugging alcohol every day does not lead one down a bright path.  But he's 5 years sober now and able to talk about his troubles and look back with his signature smirk.

He's appearing at Long Shot Bar & Grill in Rock Falls tomorrow (12/10/16) to talk about the heyday of wrestling.  In the interview below, I asked him a few prying questions:

Who did he love being in the ring with?  

Who did he say was "fun but kind of scary"?

Which WWE superstar broke Jake's sternum twice?

Does he worry about being an alcoholic and appearing in a bar?

If you've seen "Beyond The Mat" (which Jake says is crap) or The Resurrection of Jake The Snake (which Jake says is the 2nd best resurrection ever) you're going to want to go see Jake The Snake's Unspoken Word Tour at Long Shot in Rock Falls