When I was a kid we had a bowling alley right down in our town of 1200 people.  This means of course, as a middle schooler, we took a bus to a neighboring town to roller skate every weekend.

I don't remember skating a whole lot but we would put on skates and roll back & forth from the fountain pop to the booth where we would shoot the bull (which is different than Shooting The Duck, in Roller Skating parlance).

We didn't have anything cool like this, though.  You can spend this Friday the 13th at Skate City and Laser Tag Alley in East Moline!  They're having a spooky event this Friday from six to midnight! Hang out with penny-wise, scary Ronald McDonald and a few other horrifying visitors making an appearance!

Shoot your way through a haunted laser tag arena all for only TWENTY-ONE dollars!

Advance tickets on sale now! Visit SkateCityQCA.com for details!




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