16-year-old Ben Davis of Lansing, Michigan has a rare genetic condition that attacks his nervous system, and causes a build-up of iron in his brain. Due to this condition Ben has trouble speaking and has to be in a wheelchair.

Regardless of all that, he still has some pretty amazing friends. Check this out. He was at a pep rally in his school gymnasium last Friday, when they brought him out onto the court.

Then two students brought out a cardboard box, with words painted on the side that said, "I'll ask you to prom when pigs fly." But when they cut the top open, a bunch of pink balloons that looked like pigs floated out.

19-year-old senior Vee Nguyen and Ben met about two years ago when she started working with special needs kids at their school, and they've been friends ever since. She posted a video from the pep rally on Facebook.

When Ben sees the balloons, he gets a huge smile on his face. Then he starts to get emotional, and someone hands him a rose to give her.

Posted by Vee Nguyen on Friday, February 5, 2016