Please take a moment to read this heart breaking story about a young boy named Ty. Then I hope you would join us at the River Bandits game on Monday May 25th as we help raise money for his family.

Hi guys it's Goose from the Dwyer and Michaels Morning Show. I'm putting together a fundraiser for a terminally ill boy at a River Bandits game on Memorial Day. Below you will find more information about Ty, a story that really touched my heart.

On Friday we received an email about a kid from Kewanee that just found out he has cancer. The boy's name is Ty, he's in kindergarten and probably wont see the 1st grade. The emailer said it perfectly "When I first found out about Ty I felt bad for the family, but I continued on with my day. While driving I started reflecting on my children at that age, it's when they really start to develop their personality and become awesome little people. It's a shame that this kid won't get the same chance."

Here's a little more about Ty from his grandmother:

Hi Goose,
In April Ty began experiencing headaches and his eyes were crossing. An appointment was made with an eye doctor for May 6th. Ty's eyes and headaches started getting worse so he was taken in for a cat scan. Originally was told it looked fine only to be called the next day, April 27th saying to bring him back in for an MRI because there was after all something abnormal.. Ty being a typical 5 yr old wouldn't stay still long enough. He was then transported to OSF Peoria where he was sedated to do the test. He was admitted and then it was the long wait until the next day when we all got the devastating heartbreaking news that Ty had DIPG. An inoperable incurable tumor on his brain stem. My precious grandson was given 6-12 months to live. Of all the cancers I have heard of this is one I have NEVER heard of. It hits children between the ages of 5 and 7 and it is very aggressive.

This is our story so far. He has a bucket list that is being worked on. Disney is This Sunday to next Sunday so they will be home in time for the game on Monday. Any other questions please feel free to email me. sorry this took so long. It was hard to write.

Trisha Meyer (Grandma)

On their Go Fund Me page they have a bucket list for Ty.

We are holding a fundraiser for Ty on Memorial Day, May 25th at the River Bandits game. The Bandits are donating all proceeds raised in the Tennis Ball Toss. I will host the 97X Pre-Game Party at 3:30p for the family.  The park will open to the public at 4p.  I hope to see you there!