Are you looking to take your first step into the modern day space race? Then boy do I have a deal for you!

A new craiglist ad popped up late last week for a "gently used orbital rocket" for the cool price of $9.9 million. The good news is that the seller is excepting cryptocurrency, so if you're looking to jump off the Bitcoin ship then here's your chance.

Who knows, maybe Elon Musk himself posted the listing. Check it out for yourself.

Gently used orbital rocket in good condition. Fully loaded with onboard flight computer, launch and landing hardware. Take off and land anywhere! 9X Merlin engines each capable of producing 200k lb.ft of thrust. Just fuel it up and it's ready to go. Says Falcon 9 on the body, slight burnt paint can be buffed out.

Must bring own tug boat, no shipping. Asking $9,900,000 or best offer. Do not lowball, this is an orbital capable autonomous rocket. You will not find another one like it.

Serious buyers only.

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