The curious incident of a locked cockpit on a Southwest Airlines plane was captured by a passenger in a photo that has since gone viral.

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Locked Out Of Plane

The picture posted on Twitter by Matt Rexroad showed the pilot struggling to enter the cockpit by climbing through the window, with his upper body hanging inside the plane.

According to Rexroad, the last passenger had just disembarked, leaving the pilot to secure the door before he found himself locked out.


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The Southwest flight was bound for Sacramento, California, from San Diego, where Rexroad was a passenger.

Comments On The Photo

Several Twitter users expressed their surprise at the incident, with one person expressing disbelief that cockpit windows were even designed to open.

"I think it is amazing that Southwest Airlines goes above and beyond to get their flights to be on time. Excellent effort by the flight and the crew," Rexroad told Insider in an email.

Southwest took a jab at the photo, replying to Rexroad's post that it was "definitely something you don't see every day."

"We love you, Matt!," the airline wrote in another reply, after Rexroad commented that he loved the airline.

A few Twitter users responded in disbelief, with one user named Ryan Clumpner commenting that they "had no clue cockpit windows even opened."

Another user, Rob Stutzman, questioned why the pilot "didn't try a coat hanger first."

Not The First Time

It is worth noting that this is not the first time a pilot has been locked out of a cockpit. In a TikTok post from July of last year, an American Airlines pilot was shown breaking into the plane by crawling through the windshield.

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