One Californian who owns a 3D printing company started to struggle during the lockdowns when his corporate clients began to cancel, a story familiar to many businesses.

Amir Fakharian, the founder and CEO of RexRoi LLC, decided it was time to get creative, and use his knowledge and equipment to make things that would make people smile (and maybe also make a couple bucks).

He started making PPE for individual clients and small batches for hospitals in April when it was hard to find, until the big corporations caught up and made the same products at half of the price he could.

After yet another pivot, Fakharian decided to make 2020-themed dumpster fire toys and Christmas tree ornaments on Etsy.

"'Dumpster fire' is just the perfect description of the year we've had," Fakharian told CNN. "Covid-19 is like a fire in a dumpster burning everything in sight so we thought this product would really resonate with people."
The company is also selling some 2020-themed toilet paper ornaments.
"It's been a challenging year," Fakharian said. "For people to have something to laugh at and make light of during such a horrible year, I'm happy to provide it."
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