Monday night, the Tampa Bay Lightning faced off against the Dallas Stars, but because of an outstanding performance by Tampa Bay goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy, Dallas was unable to find the back of the net at any point in the game.

After the shutout in which Vasilevskiy stopped 25/25 shots in his 33rd career shutout in the NHL (and sixth against Dallas), the media was eager to talk to him.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Dallas Stars
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His performance on the ice should've been the focus of the game and the video circulating the internet, but the only viral clip from the night came in the postgame interview.

While answering a question about his thought process coming into the game after the team took a blowout loss Saturday night from the Stars in a 1-8 loss, someone in the audience let a fart slip, sending Vasilevskiy and the rest of the room into laughter for a moment.

Once everyone calmed down, Vasilevskiy had to ask, "What was the question again?"

Tampa Bay scored four times in the shutout game, with goals from Nikita Kucherov, Anthony Cirelli, Luke Glendening, and a second goal from Anthony Cirelli.

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