Happy Birthday to Eric Clapton!  He's gifted, brilliant, a top-5 guitarist on about every possible list ever calculated, and he's definitely "charmed".  His legacy and popularity have done nothing but grow exponentially in spite of his many indiscretions over the years, like alcoholism and heroin addiction, coveting his good friend's wife, making ugly racist and anti-immigration remarks.  There's more, but today it's as if none of it ever really happened.

Charmed yes, but what he has done for the world of music has been astonishing.  He's one of rock's and blues' greatest legends.  I'm sad that he's going to nearly stop touring since he is now 70, but I have some great memories of, and some serious gratitude for the shows I've seen.  So today Eric Clapton fans, I give you my full salute!  And let's enjoy some "Slowhand" on the Punch-Out today!