It's normal to do a lot of shopping this time of year, especially last weekend. It's also a dangerous time of year for shopaholics. Here are some signs you might be addicted to shopping.

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  1. You almost never go a week without buying something. Obviously things like milk and eggs don't count. We're talking about stuff you want, but don't need. can be a risky place for that, especially if you have free shipping.
  2. You're big into "retail therapy." Meaning you buy stuff to make yourself feel better. Like when you're having a bad day at work, you go online and buy something to compensate.
  3. You catch yourself trying to justify your purchases. Like maybe a sweater was 40% off, so you claim you're actually saving money, because you'll need a new one eventually. But if you have two that look just like it, you're really wasting money.
  4. Your credit card debt is mostly from shopping. And it's not from one or two big things you had to buy, it's from a hundred little things you didn't.

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