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First Female Soldier To Join Green Berets
For the first time ever, a female soldier has graduated from the Army's elite special forces course and is going to join the previously all-male team. The team was founded in 1952.
The woman, who is unidentified by officials, graduated Thursday and put on her Green Beret alongside 400 …
Fireworks Factory Explosion Caught on Video
Six people were injured in Deyang, China yesterday after a fireworks factory caught fire, causing an explosion.
Firefighters tried to contain the fire, but the factory was nearly flattened as explosions within the factory destroyed the building...
Woman Feeds Chipmunk, It Comes Back for a Kiss
A viral video shows a woman hand feeding a chipmunk, who she instantly becomes friends with.
The little guy stuffs his cheeks full, and falls off of her hand, assumingly because of the amount of weight in his cheeks.
The little guy climbs back up for more, and even gives the lady a kiss before heading…
Guy Learns To Talk Backwards To Make His Video Seem Moving Forward
Quarantine has caused us to have a lot of time on our hands.
This guy, YouTuber "Zuquap", learned how to talk backwards so that when he plays his video backwards, it sounds like he's talking.
It's a little bit broken, and almost sounds like a Scottish accent, but it's still pretty awesome
It …

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