You can get yourself all geared up for the 4th of July with Goose this weekend at Jake's Fireworks! Located at a solid brick-and-mortar location, Jake's Fireworks is home to all of your firework needs.

Firework Background - 4th July Independence day celebration


No Red, White & Boom? No problem. Jake's Fireworks can get you set up with a home show that will have you and your neighbors wondering why you'd ever leave the comfort of your own homes.

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Whether you're a seasoned shooter or brand new to the world of pyrotechnics, Jake's will teach you all you need to know to shoot safely, show you the newest tech, and give you the best deals you can get this firework season.

Oleksii Sagitov

Goose will be broadcasting live from 11am-1pm on Saturday at their convenient location at 3514 North Brady Street in Davenport. Each hour he's there, one winner an hour will receive 100 VIP Points to Jake's Fireworks Memberships just during the show.

With 175 items priced at $9.99 or below, Jake's is giving you the most bang for your buck that you can get. They have Pure Venom in stock, as well as 200-gram and 500-gram cakes and artillery shells.

See more of their specials when you stop by and see Goose Saturday from 11-1pm!

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