A study conducted by Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio discovered that annually, 11,500 cases of injuries come into the ER that are solely related to shoveling.

They discovered that the injuries are primarily soft tissue related, but there were every type of injury.

  • 55% of injuries were soft tissue
  • 16% are lacerations
  • 7% are fractures
  • 7% are heart related complications

Every year there are roughly 100 deaths involving shoveling, almost all of which are due to heart attacks. The cold causes the contraction and construction of blood vessels, decreasing the blood supply, then heavy labor that is shoveling causes an increase in the heart rate and blood pressure, causing the heart to fail.

A similar study in Quebec noted that the longer duration and deeper the snow, the more injuries and deaths occur. They found that hospital admissions rise to 16% after 8 inches of snow, particularly being men that are admitted.

Experts recommend pushing instead of lifting the snow, take frequent breaks, stretch before going out, or just hiring that punk kid from down the street to do it for you.

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