Okay, I'm not here to judge anybody, but I'm here to create some discussion. Whatever you want to eat is cool with me, but there's a line of which you maybe shouldn't cross in a public environment, because you'll both make people uncomfortable and show that you're probably a serial killer.

Video has gone viral from a Yankee fan sitting at a ball game, enjoying the weather, the game, and his hot dog and beer. Who knows if this guy just had too much to drink or what, but he was caught on video dipping the hot dog in the beer.

Sure, we cook brats with beer. Hot dogs are similar to brats, so I can see the appeal. However, we don't soak the brat's buns in beer.

I'm not knocking this until I try it, but even if it's the most delicious secret I never knew about, I'm not going to do it in public. Only in the comfort of my own home.

This reminds me of the woman who got caught on camera eating chicken tenders in her soda at the US Opens.

Maybe the chicken was just bone dry? Like I said, I'm just trying my hardest to not judge those with who I don't know the whole story.

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As far as the beer-hotdog combo goes, I'm sure the hot dog tastes great. What I can't get past is the beer full of bread crumbs and hot dog juices.

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