In the midwest, we love going for drives around the countryside to see our beautiful state, but if you pick the wrong day to go, you get a whiff of that freshly spread cow sh*t on the fields. Imagine that, but it's human waste.

The Colorado State Patrol released a statement saying that at 5pm on Tuesday, the sewer truck had a spill in the eastbound lanes of the interstate near an interchange with Highway 224.


Niko Blankenship told 9News that he was in driving in the right lane near the truck's rear tires, when "some kind of dung" started shooting out of the top, splattering on his car. He said he's washed the car several times and wiped the area around the tires and the bottom of the car with baby wipes, but the smell won't go away.

"Not really sure what to do next – hope it goes away," he told the outlet. "Just thankful my windows and sunroof were closed."

Another driver shared dash camera video showing cars driving through inches of the substance, which covered both lanes of the interstate.

Colorado State Patrol said a portion of the interstate was closed for nearly seven hours to clean up the mess, and traffic was rerouted through Highway 224.

Around this time last year, a manure spill was the cause of a closure of a different part of the interstate.

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