A self-described addict to Red Bull ended up leading police on a chase through town that exceeded 100 mph after officers said she committed a robbery and pepper-sprayed a Costco employee.

On July 20, two employees at the Costco on Martin Luther King Boulevard near Alta Drive witnessed a woman, later identified as 27-year-old Angela Sharp, steal an entire shopping cart of Red Bull cases, estimated to be around $100. Police say an employee attempted to stop her from leaving, but Sharp threatened to pepper-spray her.


Then, her accomplice, 35-year-old Eugene Davis, pulled up in a car and pulled the cart of Red Bull over to the car. The two took off when Sharp pepper sprayed the employee.


Police obtained surveillance video of the incident and saw that Davis was wearing a Steelers jersey and an employee told officers that a week before, Sharp got away with 25 cases of Red Bull.

The vehicle was the same in both incidents, and one employee was able to get a photo of the getaway car.

Police also learned of a previous incident with a man matching Davis' description, where he tried to leave a side door with a cart full of Red Bull cases, a Dell laptop, and a security camera. When an employee approached him, the man reportedly said "You want some of this?" and elbowed the employee in the face.

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At one point during that altercation, the suspect reportedly  “flashed a bit of something black,” saying, “I will blast you guys and shoot you," according to police.

A man with the same M.O. and look was described in an incident at a different business on July 13th, when the suspect stole 20 cases of Red Bull. The suspect told an employee who approached him, “Don’t approach me. I have a firearm. I will use it if you approach."

Last Thursday, the suspect vehicle was spotted by officers near Arville and Blue Diamond roads. The driver failed to stop for police, and a chase began.

Sharp was behind the wheel when the duo was finally caught, after a 15-minute pursuit that reached speeds of 100 mph.

Police found a Steelers jersey that matched the one from the Costco surveillance video in the trunk of the car.

Between the inside of the car, and the trunk, police found well over 200 cans of Red Bull.

"I did it because I'm addicted to Red Bull," police say Sharp told them.

Davis faces charges of attempted robbery, burglary and robbery. Sharp driver disobeying a police officer and robbery.

Sharp is being held on $25,000 bond, and Davis is being denied bond due to a previous felony charge.

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