After a night of unrest, Mayor Matson announced in a he and the rest of Scott County have decided to enforce a countywide curfew from 9pm to 5am. The curfew will remain in place until further notice.

Those allowed to break curfew include those travelling to and from work, emergencies, and

Police responded to 45 major disturbance calls, and over two dozen shots fired calls, as well as suspicious fires, and 2 killed and 2 injured in shootings, including a police officer.

Within this curfew, citizens will be required to stay in their home for the duration of the curfew.

The mayor's office sent us a press release shortly after the conference.


DAVENPORT, IOWA (June 1, 2020) – Last night, at approximately 10pm, a large disturbance of approximately 100 vehicles formed at the Northpark Mall. This group caused damage and harm to businesses located in the mall and then continued to move to multiple business locations throughout the City.


What you need to know first and foremost is this: I want to deeply thank the outstanding work by the Davenport Police Department, first responders and our partner law enforcement agencies. They worked tirelessly to keep our citizens safe. These men and women are some of the finest public servants I know, and they are dedicated to the safety of our community.

Damage and bodily harm do not promote justice. Instead, rioters and looters create division within our community. Their blatant disregard for safety does not reflect the character of our community. Let it be knows that they perpetrators from last night’s activities will be held accountable.


Last night, officers responded to over 45 serious disturbance calls and 20 shots fired calls. There were four shooting victims, two of which were fatalities and two were non-fatal, including one officer when our police came under attack. Officers returned fire and we have enlisted DCI to review this incident. In addition, the Davenport Fire Department responded to and is investigating three suspicious fires that occurred overnight. The behavior on display last night was completely unacceptable in our community and the instigators of this behavior will be met with the full force of the law.


We will continue to stage a coordinated response tonight through the Emergency Operation Center at the Scott Emergency Communication Center. In addition, for the proactive protection of all our citizens, Scott County will be enacting a county wide curfew at 9pm tonight. Supervisor Knobbe will be speaking momentarily about this curfew.

The National Guard has been mobilized to contain any rioting that may take place in the coming nights.

"We are Davenporter's, we're ready to work for progress. Be safe tonight."

Stay safe out there, Davenport.

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