I've made a declaration in my household recently.  Things are about to change!  And because I'm the father/husband of the house I had to say it a few times because no one was listening.

  • This summer we are NOT going to be sitting around playing video games all day.
  • We are NOT going to be staring at YouTube all day.
  • We are NOT going to be lazy, uninspired kids that gripe all day about how bored we are.

We're going to have plans, projects, and chores!  And if we get them all done, THEN we can be lazy and uninspired.

One of the things we're planning on is getting into "rocketry".  We've fired off our first rocket and because we didn't follow directions, we melted our parachute.

That's ok.  We got another one and we're going to start keeping track of wind speed, flight direction and height of flight.

Time to get nerdy!

But with all experiments, they'll need some supervision.  Luckily I'm smarter than this teacher in Texas...

A middle school teacher in Texas resigned recently after a science experiment went wrong where they tried to show how you can burn hand sanitizer on your hands and not get hurt.

It didn't work.

NBCDFW said a 12-year-old boy ended up getting burned on both hands badly enough that he had to go to the hospital.  It's not clear how bad it was, but doing that with hand sanitizer can POTENTIALLY cause third-degree burns.

The school says the teacher resigned and is "no longer an employee of the school district."  It's not clear if she could also face charges, but police are looking into it.

Here's what she was trying to do:

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