You read the title right. The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, has his own show on 97X.

At 5pm on Sundays, Sammy Hagar takes over the airwaves as 97X broadcasts his show, Sammy Hagar's Top Rock Countdown.

According to his website, "Top Rock Countdown is a 2 hour weekly show where Sammy counts down anything he wants. One week might be his favorite party songs, the next his favorite band NOT in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or the best songs from a year or decade."

Some examples of previous show's topics:

"Lead Guitar + Vocals" - Songs where the lead guitarist is also the lead vocalist.

"Songs I Wish I Wrote"

"Sammy Stays Home" - Songs with the word home or house in the title.

"1991" - The 20 best songs of 1991.

You can listen to Sammy Hagar's Top Rock Countdown over the air on 97X, at, the 97X App, or on your smart home device.

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