I remember seeing Rock the Vote ads on MTV when I was younger.  Now, I'm not sure if MTV is still the main driver of Rock the Vote or really even if they're a TV station anymore but Rock the Vote seems to be active still.  I know because I still get text messages from Rock the Vote from the 1st time I voted.

Not sure what I clicked on to make that happen but they don't happen too often so I let them slide.  (my apologies if you got to this link via text messaging)

Either way...Rock the Vote has been a huge proponent of getting people registered to vote using pop culture icons of the day.  It probably says something about my age that Tenacious D is popping up as the "pop culture icon" that grabbed my attention.

Recently Tenacious D, Jack Black & Kyle Gass, grabbed some friends for a song that not only has a Rock the Vote vibe...but also speaks to this season of All Hallows Eve.  An election version of The Time Warp" from "Rocky Horror Picture Show".

Hard to believe but you could say it leans to the left.

It features clips from the actual movie, plus tons of guest stars, including Jamie Lee CurtisEric AndreSarah SilvermanGeorge TakeiKing PrincessEzra MillerJohn Waters, and original "Rocky Horror Picture Show" star, Susan Sarandon.  Who STILL does it for me by the way...incase you were wondering.

You weren't.  But here's the video.


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