With the passing of Robbie Knievel, I reminisced on the time I went and saw one of his jumps live, at the LCO Casino in Hayward, Wisconsin.

The day was a bit rainy, which led to slippery conditions. The crowd definitely had a little concern about Robbie's landing on the ramp being a hazard because of the wetness, but it turned out this wasn't even what we needed to worry about.

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Robbie ran the length of the jump, doing a wheelie, but when he set the front tire back down to the parking lot's pavement, the front wheel slid out from under the bike, taking Robbie down to the ground hard.

The crowd audibly goes "OoOOOH" as he hit the ground and slid into a pile of hay bales.

He got up on his own, but you can tell looking at the way his left arm is hanging that something isn't right.

It turns out, he dislocated that shoulder in the fall, but that didn't stop him.

After getting looked at, Robbie came back and jumped four small airplanes and a helicopter.


I imagine most of those landings don't feel great on your body as it is, and throwing a dislocated shoulder - which typically hurts every movement you make - truly shows how dedicated he is to the sport.

He ended up landing the jump without any further problems.

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In 1996, we talked to Robbie before he performed a jump, and we were able to locate the tape it was on. Listen to it below.

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Check out this interview with Robbie from 1996!

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