Some crazy video has surfaced from a Hollywood, California robbery in which the suspect was immediately apprehended by officers - after a good samaritan took the guy out first.

Surveillance footage shows a man walking into the outdoor seating area of a restaurant and sucker punching an elderly man before taking his wallet. He turned and left the business, but couldn't get away from the business owner behind him.

attachment-Punched old man

Tim Ratcliff wasn't going to let one of his customers be treated this way, let alone an elderly man.

"I took him down and just waited there until the police arrived," Ratcliff told KTVU.

Amcrest Technologies via YouTube
Amcrest Technologies via YouTubeG

Ratcliff chased the thief out of the store before expertly taking him to the ground in the street, where he held the man until police arrived. In the process of the tackle, the stolen wallet landed in the street, where Ratcliff's girlfriend was able to pick up its contents.

For nine minutes, Ratcliff held the thief pinned down to the ground, until police arrived and arrested him.

"I was not gonna lie, the adrenaline was a lot at that point, and afterwards it was exhausting it felt like I had worked out the next day for quite a bit," he told the news outlet. 

Ratcliff's tackle comes just after a new approval for more patrols by police in the Hollywood area, but his business just barely misses the district where the officers patrol more frequently. He and the officers wish they could have faster response times.

"Even one of the officers and I talked about it… they're tired of it… a lot of people like myself are tired of this type of thing happening... we're seeing more and more people just not putting up with it and taking it into their own hands… which I'm glad for… and I'd happily do it again," he said.

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