Not all heroes wear capes, and not all Florida people are crazy!

Street cameras captured video of good samaritans helping a woman who was suffering through a medical episode while driving. Several people jumped out of their cars to keep the driver and surrounding vehicles safe.

The incident occurred in Boynton Beach Florida on May 5th. The video shows a grey car slowly rolling through an intersection. A woman who notices something is wrong leaps out of her car and chases the rolling vehicle through the intersection. Waving her arms and calling out for help, other people who were stopped at the intersection sprang into action.

Eventually, several people gathered around the car and stopped it from hitting other vehicles.

After the samaritans bring the car to a stop, they try to get into the car to get the woman out, but the door was locked. One man is seen trying to punch out the passenger side window but was not able to. A woman in green is seen running over to her car where she grabs a dumbbell. A man then used the weight to break open the window and unlock the car.

Once the samaritans were able to open the doors, they pushed the vehicle out of the way. That is where the video ends.

Police reported, that the driver of the grey car was feeling dizzy and tried to pull over to a gas station but started to convulse before hitting a curb.

Thank goodness for the good samaritans coming to the rescue, as the woman didn’t wake up until the next day.

Looking For The Heros

The Boynton Beach Police Department released the video in the hopes of identifying all the strangers that aided the woman.


"We have been put in touch with several of the Good Samaritans and are coordinating everyone’s schedules to get them together with the woman they rescued," said the BBPD Tweet. 

The Boynton Beach Police Department also released another video of the incident, this view from the traffic camera on the opposite side. 

Once again we would like to point out that not all heroes wear capes, and not all Florida people are crazy! This act of heroism from all these strangers was absolutely amazing and heartwarming!

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