Derek Gebo, from Connecticut was driving down the road, minding his own business, but when he got passed, he got pissed.

Derek followed the vehicle, all the way into a parking lot, where he was ready to fight. He was so ready that he ripped the shirt off his back to have no hindrances in this fight that was about to happen.

What Derek didn't know was that the buddy standing outside the reckless driver's car was actually an on duty officer, and that they were standing in the parking lot of the Trumbull Police Department.

The driver of the Nissan Rogue that passed Gebo said he passed him because he was driving on the shoulder of the road, and when Derek began driving even more erratically, he drove to the police station's parking lot off limits to the public.

The officer told Derek to stop what he was doing, arrested him, and gave him a sobriety test, the result being a surprising fail at a .23 BAC.

Derek was arrested with charges of DUI and Driving in a Harassing Manner.

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