Yesterday had me searching for some good hangover food thanks to the festivities I had taken a part in at Prom From Hell. And boy did I find what I was looking for.

The Mother of All Burgers out at Modern Woodman Park took me two innings and as many beers to finish. Now, I'm still working my way out of the food coma it put me in, so the details are kind of hazy. Here's a quick look at what I was up against:

The M.O.A.B. comes with two 1/3-pound burger patties and about half a pound or so of brisket. Those are topped with onion rings, and two kinds of cheese, like gouda and pepperjack, and maybe there's bacon in there too. Like I said, details are still hazy at this point.

To top it all off there's a deep fried beef stick and a side of garlic paremsan fries. Dang it was good, and all for $15.00 plus, it comes with a 16oz drink!

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