Rick Astley, believe it or not, is still pretty active in the music scene, playing bars and pubs regularly, singing with his one-of-a-kind sultry voice.

Last week, Rick uploaded a video to his YouTube Channel from a gig he played at the Mikkeller Brewpub, located in Exmouth Market, London.

As you know, Rick is known for his 1987 smash hit, Never Gonna Give You Up, which still is played regularly today, often times in the form of a joke. "Rick Rolling" is randomly playing the earworm of a song in a time when it's not expected. I guess he's more versatile than 80's pop.


On his Instagram, Rick wrote, "We had our post covid launch party for the Mikkeller Brewpub in Exmouth Market, London last week. We did some of the songs we love to play – here’s Everlong."

Rick nails the cover, but this isn't his first time being involved with the Foo Fighters.

In 2017, he went viral for appearing on stage with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, where they played and sang Never Gonna Give You Up.

We know you needed some Rick Astley today, so here you go. Enjoy that ear worm.

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