We reached out on Facebook and asked for the reasons why you thought growing up in the Quad Cities was awesome.  Boy oh, boy did you come through with a tidal wave of nostalgia coursing through our brains.

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The great part was that we've got people from all different generations that listen to this station. Each memory you shared gave a personal look into what time of your life you hold dear.

Ross' 24 Hour Restaruant

One thing that truly unites a group of people is a shared experience.  Stopping into Ross' after a night at the bar to get a Magic Mountain at 2 am is truly a rite of passage for any Quad Citizen.  You never knew if you were going to witness a fight or make a new best friend (if only for the next 45 minutes).  And the Half Cheese/Half Gravy Magic Mountain was the perfect nightcap.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Unfortunately, many of these businesses are gone (but certainly not forgotten).  The great news is there are many that we can share with the next generation.

I have memories of visiting Co-Op Tapes & Records and picking out some new albums.  For some reason, I always feel the need to pick really good music here.  There's no way I could grab some guilty pleasure, (i.e embarrassing music) I have to impress the clerk with my musical prowess.  And it worked. I got a "wow, nice work" from him and it felt good.

Pay It Forward

Now, I can take my kids into this place and show them how real music is listened to.  On vinyl, CDs, and even tapes.  I get to pass the love of music and the love of this great record store down to the next generation.

Have your children taken sides in the Country Style vs Whitey's Ice Cream battle?  It may be time you do a taste test and let them choose their favorite. We all win that war.

Memory Lane

So, whether it was your first concert at Palmer Auditorium or a Friday night at Off Limits, growing up in the Quad Cities was awesome...

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