No cell phones allowed in this restaurant!

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This Italian restaurant called Caterina's, located in Fort Worth Texas wants to bring it back to the old days by banning cell phones.

When customers enter the restaurant they must put their phones in a locked protective bag. After enjoying their meal and having good conversations with their party and staff, they are allowed to retrieve their phone as they leave.

Tim Love, the owner said, "We wanted to make something that was special."

The staff is going to keep an eye out for people who don't follow the rules, as they want it to be phone free for everyone.

If the staff catches anyone twiddling their thumbs on their cell phone, "We're going to kindly ask them to put their phone in the bag,” Love said. “We've already had that happen. Some people forget. They just have their phone in their pocket. We give them the bag. They put their phone in the bag. It's not a big deal."

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KAMC abc

The owner wanted to make a place where customers can disconnect and actually talk to each other without constant distraction.

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Owner Tim Love - KAMC abc

"If you can't possibly deal without your phone for two hours, this is not the place for you,” Love said. “I mean, people go to movies, they don't get on their phone."

If a customer needs to be reachable by phone, the owner allows calls to the restaurant's phone number and the staff will bring an old-fashioned landline phone to the table.

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Caterina's is not a huge restaurant, but rather small and cozy seating only 40 including the bar seats.

Oh, and there's one more rule. You have to obey the dress code.

Men are required to wear jackets and ladies are required to dress nice. For the men who forget a jacket, they'll loan them one at the front door.

Caterina's opened last week, and with its unique rules, it might be the only restaurant like this in the country.

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