John Przybyla was convicted Monday for his tenth DUI in Adams County, Wisconsin after pulled over by a cop in October 2014 for driving erratically. Przbyla blamed his drunken demeanor on the beer-battered fish he had eaten.

The deputy that pulled him over noted a “smell of a moderate odor of an intoxicating beverage emitting from his breath.” Przbyla had bloodshot and glossy eyes and an open can of Red Dog Beer on his passenger seat.

When questioned about the smell, Przbyla denied drinking any alcohol. He claimed he was on his way home from a fish fry where he had consumed beer-battered fish.

His blood alcohol content was .062, which is below the legal limit. Due to his history of drunk driving, he has a legal restriction barring him from driving with a BAC above .02.

Przbyla faces twelve years in prison after being found guilty of a second felony charge and a misdemeanor driving with a revoked license count.

Adams County Sheriff's Office

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