I've been buying records for a long time in the Quad Cities, and when the HESCO barriers broke in Davenport over a year ago we lost a couple great treasures in the downtown area, Ragged Records and Trash Can Annie.

Ragged Records posted on Facebook Tuesday morning, saying they're looking for help getting inventory moved from storage to their new location.

Anyone who's ever been into that shop knows how great these people are. They are helpful, caring, and genuine Quad Citizens who have always been there for me when I needed something.

I've already volunteered, if you would like to help them out, PM their Facebook page and let them know when you can help. They're looking into Friday, Saturday and Sunday depending on how many people want to help. I'm hoping we can get this done fast for them.

They didn't say where the new location is, but they did say that Trash Can Annie's will be moving as well, which is awesome because Laura Heath is a gem.

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