The Quad City Storm Playoff date is set, and the players are ready for Round 1!

The team's first-ever playoff game is also the first game of the first round of the President's Cup Playoffs as they take on the Fayetteville Marksmen at home.

For the first of a best-of-three series, Game 1 takes place at the TaxSlayer Center on April 13th at 7:10pm.

If you weren't already excited enough, they've sweetened the deal to the max by declaring the night "Dollar Beer Blackout."

Dollar beers for the entire game are available, but they're giving away some free stuff too.

The first 1,000 fans through the door will get exclusive T-shirts that feature the team logo, Twisty, that reads "WE ARE IN". The fans will also receive an exclusive rallly towel with the same print.

So far, the Quad City Storm have seen the Fayetteville Marksmen three times, winning one of the three games.

The rest of the league's playoff schedule is the following, per the SPHL website.

#1 Knoxville Ice Bears vs. #8 Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs
Game 1 – Wednesday, April 13 at Knoxville – 7:35 pm
Game 2 – Saturday, April 16 at Roanoke – 7:05 pm
Game 3 – Sunday, April 17 at Knoxville – 5:00 pm (if necessary)

#2 Huntsville Havoc vs. #7 Evansville Thunderbolts
Game 1 – Thursday, April 14 at Huntsville – 7:00 pm
Game 2 – Saturday, April 16 vs. Evansville – 7:00 pm (at Swonder Ice Arena)
Game 3 – Sunday, April 17 at Huntsville – 7:00 pm (if necessary)

#3 Peoria Rivermen vs. #6 Pensacola Ice Flyers
Game 1 – Wednesday, April 13 vs. Pensacola – 7:00 pm (at Pelham Civic Complex)
Game 2 – Friday, April 15 at Peoria – 7:15 pm
Game 3 – Saturday, April 16 at Peoria – 7:15 pm (if necessary)

#4 Fayetteville Marksmen vs. #5 Quad City Storm
Game 1 – Wednesday, April 13 at Quad City – 7:10 pm
Game 2 – Friday, April 15 at Fayetteville – 7:00 pm
Game 3 – Saturday, April 16 at Fayetteville – 6:00 pm (if necessary)

Read more at The SPHL

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